Basingstoke & North Hants Cricket Club - Membership


To become a member of Basingstoke & North Hants CC you have to apply via our online system hosted by Love Admin. The links are on the right hand side of this page.
You will need to navigate to the correct type of membership and fill in some details, once completed your application will require authorising by the club, and after that you will be contacted again and a membership fee may be requested.

We have a new system in place, powered by Love Admin 
, that allows you to keep your membership information up-to-date and pay online. By paying online you help reduce the time spent administering the membership so your co-operation is warmly welcome!

Existing members can login to their LOVE ADMIN account here  Love Admin Login

The 250 club runs from January to December with draws made monthly. You can have as many numbers as you wish and they are not restricted to club members, it can be joined and paid for here;

For Other Event Payments follow this link (note if there are no current events then no link will be made);