Basingstoke & North Hants Cricket Club - Sun Safety

Although it’s great to get children enjoying the benefits of physical activity outdoors, they need to be protected from the harmful effects of the sun as even one incidence of sunburn can impact on the likelihood of developing melanoma when older

Please read following guidelines

 1. Equip with a hat and sunglasses (to be worn when appropriate).

2. Apply SPF 30+ before your child arrives.

3. Equip with a bottle of SPF 30+ UVA/UVB sun screen (labelled with their name) so they can reapply during the day. If your child has an allergy to either the sun or sunscreen or difficulty in applying, please make a member of staff aware so that an effective sun protection plan can be agreed.

4. Supply a water bottle to ensure that children are hydrated.

5. Lead by example and explain to your children the importance of avoiding sunburn. 


Go to for more information on how to enjoy a healthy, active life outdoors.